Dr. Lori with legacy gymnastic's team

Dr. Lori with legacy gymnastic's team


After 15 years of chronic pain from degenerative disc disease, arthritis and migraines, I have finally found someone that can help me! Dr. Lori takes a holistic approach that has been a huge benefit for me. She not only acts as a traditional Chiropractor, but incorporates Graston technique (which is amazing), soft tissue work, nutrition and overall health care. She listens to your concerns and takes everything into account. Dr. Lori is your partner and truly cares. This is the best I have ever felt!



Dr. Lori treated me holistically.  I started with chiro then graduated to her diagnosing and treating my gluten and dairy intolerance to where my regular MD overlooked.  She has an excellent bedside manner and listens to her patients.  A true talent to her profession.



Dr Lori is an extremely bright and gifted practitioner. My daughter is a competitive athlete and Dr Lori has helped her with nutritional issues, upper back and neck issues and a recent upper extremity injury. Dr Lori’s assessment skills are excellent and her ability to treat using a variety of modalities, including Graston technique, make her our “go to" practitioner! Also, as a parent I appreciate the way Dr Lori has connected with my daughter on a personal level. She gives amazing support to teen girls!


She saved my little one from a stressful colicky situation.  Highly recommended!!!


Thank you again for your time in the gym.  Athletes are loving your treatments and it’s showing in their ability to do more within the gym.  You really have a gift.


Dr. Lori Jokinen took the time to share how chiropractic work not only change the health of her own family years ago, but also the direction of her own career.  She wholeheartedly believes in helping you to better health, and is extremely intelligent and passionate in her work.  As a father, and 30-year business owner, I appreciate meeting people who are truly exceptional at what they do.  Dr. Lori is one of those people.

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